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Instant answers to the questions that matter for tech startup founders

A truly intelligent analytics platform that finds opportunities to boost your growth using data from your existing apps.

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How Vonto Gro Works

Vonto Gro helps early stage founders answer the critical questions to find product-market fit.

Vonto Gro connects to all the tools you already use, pulls the data together and uses AI to find opportunities for growth.

    Get answers before you (or your investors) even ask the question

    Get live insights as Vonto combines data from your apps to answer the big questions & discover new insights from the apps you already use.

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    Don't know where to look?

    A consolidated understanding of your analytics is out of reach for most early-stage Founders, yet critical to make decisions that directly impact how long it takes you to find product-market fit and be investment ready.

    Know exactly where you stand.

    We do the hard work for you, combining all of your data into one place and working out what it means for you, so you can focus on growing your tech startup.

    Vonto GRO is specifically designed for high-growth startups to get actionable answers

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    Advice on how to improve your results

    We’ll suggest ways to improve your performance based on your own data.

    Vonto and integrations

    Combine data from multiple sources

    Automatically cross-reference data from multiple apps to track important metrics like Cost of Acquiring a Customer (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


    Forecast and model “what if” scenarios

    Use our in-built modeling tools to see the impact of making new hires, making new investments, or changing your cost structures.

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    Create and track your own metrics

    Ditch the spreadsheet and let Vonto automatically update your unique north star metrics, live.

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    Benchmark your results against similar stage companies

    We provide guidance on how you are performing against very relevant peers.


    Live updates for your team, investors or advisors

    Give access to the people who matter, so they can help you decide how to boost your performance.

    We use the highest data security practices. We will never share your data.

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